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Alina-P. Mardare

In few words...
Alina-P. Mardare
Formed artist
in the graphic arts (traditional and multimedia) at the University of Fine Arts and Decorative Design "G. Enescu", Iasi (Romania), class 2004 class Univ. Dr. Athena Simionescu.
Part of the master class theory in 2006, following extensive studies in the same university.
Member of UAP, Iasi Branch, since 2010.
Creations present in contemporary art museums (Japan, Hungary and Croatia), in private collections in Romania (Oradea, Iasi, Bacau, Craiova) and abroad (Italy, France, England, Holland, Canada).

" ...The oscillation between the real and the fictional, between the compositional sign and the hermeneutic sense, makes the painted image ensemble also generate fine reading hypotheses in different symbolic keys, open to various possibilities of interpretation ...
Alina P. Mardare could use a thoroughly creative potential undoubtedly real and convincing, open to the most varied forms of expression.
The collective exhibitions during she was accepted and often remarked cum laude I say, unequivocally, that we are dealing with an artist able to make its colorful dreaming, assumptions about the visible universe. Her exhibition appearances on the cultural map of the world made her remarkable in the galleries cymas of Romanian cultural centers in the world, but also in Debrecen, Hungary or Kyoto - Japan.
When playing, working directly in the exhibition hall, she actually invites us, the viewers, to regain our infancy, the only paradise where we were truly happy ever. Alina invites us naturally to rediscover the wonders and the stories of old times, to believe in the power to reinvent ourselves constantly. Stand next to her when she is painting and you will see how the universe becomes more beautiful... "
Art Critics, essayist: Valentin CIUCĂ – member AICA, Paris

Honors & Awards

1. Meritory Diploma - 2014
România Ministey of Education & U.A.P.R., Iași branch
A.R.T.E. International FESTIVAL, IV-th Edition 2014

2. Youth Excellence Prize - 2013
România Ministey of Education & U.A.P.R., Iași branch
Fine Art International Competition & Show "Eminesciana" III-rd Edition, Iași, România
- january 2013

3. Excellence Prize - 2013
România Ministey of Education & U.A.P.R., Iași branch
A.R.T.E. International FESTIVAL, III-rd Edition, Iași, România
- march 2013

4. Excellence Prize - 2010
U.A.P.R. & Truicart Events
National Salon "Contemporary Attitudes" III-rd Edition, Section II - 2010, Slobozia, Curtea de Argeș, România

5. Participation Honor for Traditional Printmaking - 2003
Kyoto International Woodprint Asociation
KIWA -Printmakers Gratitude- 2003

Personal Art shows

2015 - "Portraits" - "Cupola" Gallery, Iaşi (România)
2014 - "Workshop" - "Cupola" Gallery, Iaşi (România)
2013 - "About angels" - "Theodor Pallady" Gallery, Iaşi (România)
2012 - "Dreams are like angels" - "Cupola" Gallery, Iaşi (România)
2011 - "Dream state. My egos blue" - "Cupola" Gallery, Iaşi (România)
2009 - "Secular & Profane" - during IASHINGTON event 2009, Iaşi (România)

Group Art Shows

Fine Art International Competition & Show "Eminesciana" IV-th Edition, "Cupola" Gallery, event by Pr. Ofelia Huțul, Iași (România)
A.R.T.E. International FESTIVAL by Pr. Ofelia Huțul, Iași (România)
"Inima"– "Pallas Mall" Gallery, by Ionela Mihuleac (founder Ars Continua), Iași (România)
"Small Art Forms - Brăila" – Art Gallery Brăila, by Gheorghe Mosorescu, president UAP Brăila
"Dragobete" – Atrium Pallas Mall, by Pr. Carmen Sarbu, Iaşi (România)

"Atelier 35" – "Hotel Europa" Gallery, World Trade Center Iasi, by Claudiu Ciobanu & Crâșmaru Adrian, Iasi (Romania)
"Balcic - Artists Without Borders" – "Ruse" Gallery, by Dan Tudor Truica, Ruse (Bulgaria)
Fine Art International Competition & Show "Eminesciana" IV-th Edition, "Cupola" Gallery, by Pr. Ofelia Huțul, Iaşi (România)

"Artis 2010" – galeriile Hotelului Europa (World Trade Center), Iaşi  (România)
"Drawing Salon" – Moldova Mall Gallery, by Pr. Univ. Dr. Dragoş Pătraşcu, Iaşi  (România)
"Contemporary Atitudes" – House of Culture "George Topârceanu", Curtea de Argeş (România)

"Erotica" – "N. Tonitza" Gallery, by Pr. Univ. Dr. Dragoş Pătraşcu, Iaşi  (România)
"Atelier 35", "Fall Salon" – Hotel Europa Gallery (World Trade Center), Iaşi  (România)

"Winter Salon Debrecen 2008" – Memorial Museum "Medgyessy Ferenc", Debrecen (Hungary)

"The 5-th Kyoto  International Woodprint Association" / "KIWA",  Kyoto (Japan)

"Kisgrafica" – Ujpest Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

"Fish and Man" – small graphic forms,  Rijeka University (Croatia)
"The 4-th Kyoto  International Woodprint Association" / "KIWA",  Kyoto (Japan) 

Illustrator Projects 

„Joy of living"- with SEAT(Moldotrans Iași)
I made the drawings and the digital works for the publicity which was printed on SEAT cars, shown at Palas Mall Iași during an event titled „Emotional cars".
More artists were invited to exhibit their works printed on cars, each drawing representing the main ideea of the car dealers promotion campaign. At „Emotional cars" were presented brands like Toyota, Hyunday, Honda, Ford, SEAT and others

Painting Jobs

Volunteer painter in painting project of Grigore Negrescu, at Banu Church ("All Saints Church") on Lăpușneanu Street, Iași
Stained glass painter at SC ArtGeorgies SRL Iași

Graphic Designer Jobs

Image creator SC Gibas Numeriek multinational holding - english internal language
I did the presentation brochures with industrial robots -  the selling items.
Graphic designer for the local newspaper Evenimentul Regionalul Moldovei.
I did publicity printed layouts for the clients in the
newspaper and brochures for internal and external events.

Graphic designer summer jobs as student for magasines like Terra Lux (real estate) and Auto Mall (second hand cars) 

Art Director Jobs 

Art director at Gazeta de Sud Craiova
(city newspaper of Media Sud Management SA and Media Sud Europa holdings)
In a team with two assistents on PR and IT we did publicity projects online and offline, the newspaper layout and branding on internal and external events of Gazeta de Sud.

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