About Angels... a closer view of the exhibition

About Angels... a closer view of the exhibition with multiple pictures and details. It's going to be completed on the way... I decided to move the show on-line. So my painting project of december 2013 can be seen by all of you. Also I want to share with you a part of an art critic text which I had to translate in English for my professional profile. It was written a while ago on my paintings by an important local art critic and essayist Valentin CIUCĂ who is also member of AICA Paris.
Thanks for your love and interest on my art and stay tuned to my art news ♥ & kisses
Here it goes:
" ...The oscillation between the real and the fictional, between the compositional sign and the hermeneutic sense, makes the painted image ensemble also generate fine reading hypotheses in different symbolic keys, open to various possibilities of interpretation ...
Alina P. Mardare could use a thoroughly creative potential undoubtedly real and convincing, open to the most varied forms of expression.
The collective exhibitions during she was accepted and often remarked cum laude I say, unequivocally, that we are dealing with an artist able to make its colorful dreaming, assumptions about the visible universe. Her exhibition appearances on the cultural map of the world made her remarkable in the galleries cymas of Romanian cultural centers in the world, but also in Debrecen, Hungary or Kyoto - Japan.
When playing, working directly in the exhibition hall, she actually invites us, the viewers, to regain our infancy, the only paradise where we were truly happy ever. Alina invites us naturally to rediscover the wonders and the stories of old times, to believe in the power to reinvent ourselves constantly. Stand next to her when she is painting and you will see how the universe becomes more beautiful... "
Art Critics, essayist: Valentin CIUCĂ – member AICA, Paris

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